Parasailing is the one of the adventerous water sports, loved and enjoyed by tourist and of all ages. Parasail Safety Council is dedicated to effectively raising the safety standards of commercial parasailing industry with a focus on education, promoting safety equipment and standards. Tourists are advised to have adequate insurance covering adventure sports and water activities.

Paraplane Videos

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Enjoy the flight with parachutes

Human desire of flying is very old. The charm of flying in the air always fascinates human In all the time periods. Initially many people tries had been made to fulfill this desire but failure and human deaths were the result but we the humans never … [Continue reading]

Parachutes give you wings

“How will he jump off the plane that is about to crash?” “Wait! He has parachute” “Oh Thank God he has parachute” these are some thoughts which might have occurred in your mind when you have just watched a movie in which a person is about to jump of … [Continue reading]

Parachutes – Life saving accessories

Parachutes are probably the single most effective live saving accessories in the whole world especially if you are the sort of person who is into flying. Apart from the obvious reason that they help to offer real safe landing, they offer plenty of … [Continue reading]

Ensuring Safety for Para gliders using Parachutes

Everybody should engage in sport every once in a while because of the various benefits that come with it. There is the fact that you will stay healthy and then there is the fact that you get to enjoy your life and live out certain dreams and … [Continue reading]

Smart Parachutes for Para Gliders

Sport is a form of organized physical activity and it gives you a healthy way of living. Some people love to play certain games that are safe and easy to play while other group of people loves to indulge themselves in utmost thrill and adventure in … [Continue reading]