Parachutes – The Bottom Line…

This is an era of modernization and technological advancements .Unprecedented development has taken place in aviation industry .One of the major step forward is the invention of parachutes. Now pilots, crew and the passengers are safer than old times.
Parachutes work on Stokes law .Actually a drag force acts in the opposite direction of parachute’s weight, which gives it motion. The material used for making parachute is nylon or silk .The material must be strong and fine. Parachute’s terminal velocity is retarded by three fourth of its original value. They have numerous applications including cargo delivery, moving luggage and transporting people.
The parachutes generally have two types that is upward motion and downward motion. The round shaped parachutes are dome shaped, have no lift and are used for military and cargo purposes. The cruciform parachutes are the other type. They have been designed to resist violent oscillations to make paratroopers’ journey safe.
In modern age, the causalities due to flight accidents in both fighters as well passenger aircraft have been greatly reduced due to use of parachutes. Now a day any fighter pilot’s gear is incomplete without the use of parachute. A very important use is the delivery of various items in calamity struck areas where otherwise aircraft cannot land. Hence they are a great help in rescue and relief operations. Another application of parachutes, in fighter aircrafts is that it reduces their speed by projecting out of the tail.
In the modern day warfare, parachutes have greatly changed the dimensions of war .It is evident from the fact that British invaded heartland Germany, by dropping paratroopers to win world war II. Besides, parachutes are used in Para trooping shows .They are also used by civilians for excursions and also in adventurous tours. Parachutes are a basic requirement of today’s air forces as well as airlines.