Enjoy the flight with parachutes

Human desire of flying is very old. The charm of flying in the air always fascinates human In all the time periods. Initially many people tries had been made to fulfill this desire but failure and human deaths were the result but we the humans never stopped trying and one day succeeded.
In different time periods, different methods were used to accomplish this purpose. Some tried with artificial feathers, some tried in hot air balloons, some make an effort in making airplanes type devices to take a flight. Not every attempt but with improvement in designs, they succeeded in enjoying the joy of flying.
As time progresses, the methodology also changed. Many new ways and machines came into existence to touch the clouds and enjoy the flight. Still today, many innovations are coming in different ways for the very same purpose. Today, people are fulfilling their desire of flying and jumping with various devices. The airplanes, jets and helicopters are used for travelling from one destination to the other. Besides the purpose of travelling, people enjoy trying skydiving.
The best way adopted for skydiving is the use of a parachute. Parachutes are made up of silk and nylon. It is made in a shape that when used takes the shape similar to a balloon. It is used to slow down the speed of the falling object. With the passage of time, some changes and modifications are made in simple parachutes.
Most skydivers used parachutes and it is a well known sport as well. The parachute can be controlled and the driver can control the speed to some extent and drag the position as well. With the help of this tool, the divers can land safely. In addition to skydiving of humans, parachutes are used in space shuttles and bombs as well for lowering the speed.