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Parachutes give you wings

“How will he jump off the plane that is about to crash?” “Wait! He has parachute” “Oh Thank God he has parachute” these are some thoughts which might have occurred in your mind when you have just watched a movie in which a person is about to jump of off the plane that is going down. A parachute helps a heavy mass containing object to reach the ground slowly so that it is unable to get damaged. Pilots who are flying airplanes are given parachutes so that they can jump high above in the sky but reach on land safely in case if anything goes wrong with the airplane. However, using a parachute is not very simple and easy. To use one, you need to have training by an experienced trainer who knows very well how parachutes function. In the early days parachutes were used as a life saving device only. But nowadays, they are also used in recreational activities like skydiving, paragliding, waterskiing, etc. Mostly tourists or people who are enjoying their vacations enjoy these activities that hotels offer so that everyone can have an experience of using a parachute. Lots of belts attach the person with the parachute so that he or she can tightly hold on to it. Parachutes are not very … [Read more...]

Parachutes – Life saving accessories

Parachutes are probably the single most effective live saving accessories in the whole world especially if you are the sort of person who is into flying. Apart from the obvious reason that they help to offer real safe landing, they offer plenty of confidence to anyone whether they are on a plane or they are simply engaging in some activity in the sky. They work in such a way that they slow down the motion of the person wearing them by creating some kind of drag that occurs through aerodynamic lift. They are made from material that is very light, extremely strong and silky. The commonest kind of material used is nylon because of the attributes that it has. There are special types of parachutes known as drogue chutes and these are very useful in the technology of a vehicle. These drogue chutes offer horizontal deceleration of a vehicle like a drag racer or a fixed wing aircraft. Sometimes, they offer stability for instance in the case of the space shuttle after it has touched down. During the Renaissance period, parachutes were already being thought of and the oldest are known to have been made somewhere in the 1470s. Ever since then, several modifications have been added to the … [Read more...]